Housing Hack is an innovation event aligned with the strategic direction of the City of Barrie, and made possible by BDAR (Barrie & District Association of REALTORS® Inc).

Starting the evening of Friday October 20 and working throughout the weekend, hackathon participants will work together to analyze real estate data, consider housing market trends and look at new solutions that have potential to increase the number of liveable spaces for residents in the Barrie and Simcoe area.

Why housing?

Rob Alexander, 2017 President of BDAR says it best:

“To ensure Barrie continues to thrive, grow and expand as a highly desired community to live in, it is vital we ensure housing is available, affordable and liveable in relation to the diverse needs of our community members. Join your strengths with ours and support the Housing Hack.” – Rob Alexander, 2017 President, Barrie & District Association of REALTORS Inc.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where innovators collaborate to create new solutions to challenges in industry, business or society at large. Collaborating includes drawing on the expertise of topic experts within each team, analyzing relevant data (access to relevant data will be provided) and thinking about the issue in new ways to find solutions that are not yet being implemented. Oh and yes, each solution will be presented to judges and top teams will win one of 3 prizes totalling $5000.

Who can participate?

At Housing Hack, the solutions will rely heavily on topic experts who have a deep understanding of the housing market and community housing specialists who can advise on the feasibility of solutions. Designers, developers, product managers and policy makers will collaborate with these industry experts to bring the insights and solutions to life.

If you’re a real estate agent, community housing worker, social entrepreneur, developer, graphic designer or data analyst – we need you to make this a success!

What are we actually solving at Housing Hack?

The City of Barrie is working hard on long-term solutions to solve the issue of housing availability, but implementing short-term solutions can be challenging. This hackathon will focus on what can be done immediately and over the next 5 years to make a significant impact in the short term. Check out the Hackathon Challenge for more details.

Want to learn more? Join us for the Kick-off Workshop on Tuesday October 3 to learn more.

The Kick-off Workshop will give context to the hackathon by looking at why it's important to address affordable and livable housing in the Barrie area. There will also be information about hackathons in general and best practices for participating. Those that attend the workshop will be able to connect with other participants as well as event organizers to have any questions answered about the event.


The City of Barrie: City Hall

70 Collier St, Barrie, ON, L4M 4T5

$5,000 IN PRIZES


The Housing Hack is for motivated and creative students and working professionals who want to contribute to their community, meet new people, collaborate on & create solutions, and gain new skills.

Participating in Housing Hack is an opportunity to shape the future of housing in Barrie. Housing Hack will bring together participants from diverse backgrounds from Barrie and the surrounding regions and give them a chance to collaborate using their interdisciplinary backgrounds.

Do you have the skills but have never attended a hackathon before? Have no fear! Hackathons are a place where participants learn and have fun by working on interesting challenges together. If you ever get stumped, there will be mentors available to help guide you through obstacles along the way. Mentors can provide feedback, different perspectives and promote development, which can ultimately help you bring your best solutions to the table!

Housing Hack is a unique event that provides you with the chance to work alongside BDAR and the City of Barrie to solve housing affordability and liveability for all. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase your talents and build community. Ready to take the plunge? Register for Housing Hack, and change the future of housing!

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